Nainesh Joshi

Best vastu consultant in Mumbai

Nainesh Joshi is the best astrologer in Mumbai
Best vastu consultant in Mumbai
Nainesh Joshi is the best astrologer in Mumbai

India's No.1 Astrologer Future Guru Nainesh Joshi

Vaastu Consultancy

Vaastu Shastra elaborates the basic sense of designing the architecture of buildings and specific areas of a building such as rooms, fenestration, gates etc.

Astrology Reading

Astrology readings help look into deeper reasons for difficult times in the past or present and can help identify key moments in life that help bring good fortune and prosperity. 


Our day starts with numbers and it ends with numbers. Every minute of our lives revolve around numbers and they hold the potential to change our lives too.

Nainesh Joshi is the best astrologer in Mumbai

Our Services

Vastu Consultant

A Vaastu consultant can help you create a home or workplace that is in alignment with your goals and aspirations.


Astrology is not just about predicting the future, but also about understanding ourselves and our place in the universe.

Business Astrology

Business astrology can help entrepreneurs understand the timing of important decisions, such as launching a new product or signing a contract.

Astrology for Career

Astrology can help us align our career goals with our deeper purpose and passion to help us overcome obstacles and reach our full potential as a professional.

Astrology for Wealth

Astrology for wealth is the use of astrology to gain insights into an individual’s financial situation, potential, and opportunities for wealth creation and growth.

Kundali Reading

Kundali is a system of astrology that helps you understand your personality, life events, and potential future based on your birth chart.

Education Astrology

Education astrology involves analyzing a person’s birth chart, which reveals their current strengths, weaknesses, and learning style.

Astrology for Health

Astrology for health is a branch of astrology that focuses on the influence of celestial bodies and their movements on an individual’s health and well-being.

Why Choose Us

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We have been seeking consultation from Nainesh ji for more than 10 years. He is the best vastu consultant and astrologer around. Be it related to shifting residence or marriage or new jobs, we first take his opinion which is based on proper methods. Extremely happy by his guidance.

Pradip Kumar Roy

I had difficulty in taking some decisions. I got perfect answer and proper analysis of the kundali. It was very fruit session with future guru Nainesh Joshi. I would highly recommend him.

Siddharth Rasal

Nainesh Joshi Guruji has performed various Puja for us. Very good, systematic and organized at his work. Overall nice experience.

Rupesh Pimple Designation

Nainesh Guruji has in depth knowledge of the subject. He gives a detailed and practical solution of the questions. We have regularly taking his advice on various aspects for last 15 years and are very satisfied . We truly appreciate the work he has been doing.

Sham Tawde

I know Nainesh Guruji since last 20 years. Young and energetic. When talking with him, i experience to release all my tensions. Any time ready to help to my daughter, son and me. Always smiling and kind to hear and solve our problems. I met him through his sister, so i thank her the most. Thank you. Shradha Mulgaonkar.

Shradha Mulgaonkar Designation

I am glad to met such a good personality, advisor, admire, excellent astrologer and path orator in my life. Thanks for guiding from last 7 Years. I always feel blessed bcoz of you. Thank you so much Sir.

Pramod Sukhwal Designation

Very good experience with Guruji.... best astrologer we have seen ever... he also does Pooja in very systematic and scientific way... Thanks for all your guidance Guruji.

Rupali Pimple Designation

He is very good vastu consultant and very good astrologer. We know him last 20 years he is our family Guru . Thanks future guru Nainesh joshi

Narendra Wakode Designation

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely yes! Through astrology, you can quickly get solutions for all your life problems. Meet the best astrologer in Mumbai to get the perfect solution for all your questions.

Definitely yes! You can quickly get solutions to all your love life problems through love problem solution astrologer future guru nainesh joshi. 

The concept of Vedic astrology has dated back to ancient times. in classical period astrology was known as jyothishya.

Yes, you can get 100% predictions for divorce through astrology. Meet the husband wife problem solution astrologer FUTURE GURU NAINESH JOSHI to protect your relationship from divorce.


We offer high level of personalized, accurate readings
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